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Since the beginning of 2021 we have focused on developing our own models and therefore do not take any custom orders.

Since October 2022, no pedals are reserved, the manufactured pedals are directly offered for sale on the website or through distributors.

To know the release dates subscribe to the mail listing, I will keep you informed of all the units that will be uploaded to the web and their dates.

The best way to get your hands on a more limited LOFIMIND pedal is to keep an eye on the mail listing.




Q. I bought a pedal that was in stock on the site, how long will it take?

A. As we have stock on the site it will be shipped immediately in the next few business days, please allow 1-2 days for packaging and shipping. Then you will be provided with a tracking number and it will depend on how long it takes the shipping company.

Q.I have had a problem with the shipment and I have not received the pedal, what can I do?


A. we informed our email, We will inform the transport company and contact you as soon as possible.

Q.I want to buy a pedal, but it is not in stock, what can I do?

A. on the product itself you will find a contact form if the pedal is not in stock. We will inform you of the construction deadlines to see if we can send you the pedal as soon as possible.  through the mailing list we inform about the dates of stock uploading to the web site. however, please check all our distributors, there may be stock in some stores.


 Q. Are your pedals all true bypass?



Q. What powersupplies/batteris work better with your pedals?

A. Some of our pedals are reverse polarity, but as long as you use a regulated and isolated power supply there will be no problems. please do not use power supplies in Daisy chain, these can leak noises in your sound and other pedals, and will not work properly in reverse polarity pedals. the best is to use a 2.1mm barrel, 9V negative tip, positive ring, AC to DC power adaptor with 200-300ma . For batteries we recommend carbon-Zinc for use with fuzz.


Q. I think my pedal is broken, can you fix it?

A. If you have had a problem with one of our pedals, please first of all check that it is a problem with the pedal itself and not with the cables or power supply. If the problem persists, please contact us by email at We will try to find a solution as soon as possible and if not, you can always send us the pedal. The repair is free of charge no matter how old the pedal is, unless the inside of the pedal has been modified. the only thing we do not take care of in your repair are the shipping costs!


Q. Can we sell your pedals in our store? 


A. In principle yes, you can write to us to receive our information at


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